Transcendental orgasms: when working with the word “transcendence” it is a little difficult to give scientific evidence and gain credit from the academic community. Even more so when it comes to sexuality. But there are already some works with worldwide support, which corroborate everything that we have already experienced empirically at Tantra Yoga LAB, as therapists and facilitators of courses on sexuality and tantra.

In 1995 an American researcher named Patricia Taylor coined the term “expanded orgasm” that used it in her research on intense sexual experiences in 44 couples from different backgrounds and in a didactic video she produced in 1998.

But do you know what she found interesting?

Dr. Taylor described in her reports practitioners entering altered states of consciousness. Experiences that brought them a deep emotional release and rejuvenation. In addition, they had profound spiritual experiences, with a conscience that is not usually perceived during ordinary orgasms. They had the perception that the energy was expanding far beyond the limits of the body itself.

Whole body orgasms and psychic health

Wilhelm Reich, a physician and great researcher on body therapy, in his renowned book “the function of orgasm” describes interesting things. Their healthiest patients reported experiencing full-body orgasms,
with spasms presented especially in the lower abdomen, internal muscles, hands and feet, and of course, in the genitals.
They were orgasms in which people reported muscle spasms throughout their bodies. Then they reported an intense and extremely healthy energy release. They were physically very similar to those described by Dr. Taylor.

Transcendental orgasms and the oceanic experience

So Osho, a Tantric spiritual leader of the century. XX, alludes to an experience of transcendence called “ocean experience”. This would be similar to “a drop of water experience falling into the sea”. While it is "drop", its limits are very well defined, delimited. But when it meets the ocean, it loses its limits, stops being a simple drop to become the whole ocean. That is why the term “oceanic experience”.

In addition, neuroscientists have realized that both deep meditation practice and quality orgasms work in specific areas of the brain. Both produce sensations of expanding borders, sensations of dissolution of bodily limits.

Therefore, it can be assumed that there is an intimate relationship between orgastic experience and the experience of transcendence, ego dissolution and consciential expansion.

Transcendental orgasms are experienced by many of those who know Tantra Yoga LAB and have decided to experience a new sexuality. Sensations of deep emotional release and transcendence can happen. Just open up and start that journey. Here we work with meditation techniques for couples, Tantric massage and other varied techniques for reaching states of transcendence and liberation of the ego through sexuality.

If you want to start your development today, get to know our online course on sexuality and tantric massage ou sign up and access our practical guide for couples.

In it there is a very simple exercise, but if done well, it can bring you great benefits in your love relationship and start the development of a new sexuality.



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