How does Yoni Massage (or Yoni Massage) work?

Want to know how this very special technique works and how you can, today start a revolution in your sex life?

So let's go.

My name is Júlio Marques, I am a sex therapist, a tantric therapist and I make professional appointments with this technique.

I've seen hundreds of women with yoni massage and, in this article, I'll explain to you, in detail, what is Yoni Massage and give you a complete step by step of how to perform the technique.

Remembering that yoni massage is a female tantric massage technique, so in this article you will also learn about how to do a full massage including clitoral massage.

If you are also interested in learning other tantra and sexuality techniques in video classes you can check the free workshop that we offer here at Tantra Yoga LAB.

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What is Yoni massage?

Yoni is a word that has its origin in Sanskrit (a sacred Hindu language) and that translated into Portuguese means “the portal of life".

This is a technique that goes far beyond a simple clitoral massage or a vaginal massage. Although it is a massage that has a strong sexual aspect and is also a genital massage, yoni massage goes far beyond a technique to achieve female orgasm.

It is important to say that a certain stimulation time is necessary for the energized energy to reach the dimension of supraconsciousness, where an incredible transcendence takes place, in the form of orgasmic waves.

So, if you want to provide a deep and transformative experience, please read the full article, without skipping steps, OK?

So Yoni is the portal, the channel through which a new life is born. It is there that the woman can, together with the man, create life (during sex) and that's where life goes when it leaves the woman's belly towards our world.

In a way that Yoni is a channel that will always be associated with issues very profound for women and for life itself.

Therefore, in many oriental scriptures, it is treated as something sacred, divine.

So the Yoni massage is a Tantric massage done on the vulva, clitoris and vagina, but it has a character therapeutic and spiritual too deep.

What is yoni massage for?


The yoni massage has a enormous potential for healing and unlocking female sexuality.

The goal is to provide women with greater awareness of their body, recognition of the orgasmic potential that it carries, to promote the experience of multiple orgasms, developing other possibilities of pleasure from a new perspective.

That is why most women who receive a well-done yoni massage report that this is a unique experience, as never before experienced.

They say they experienced a very deep energetic unlocking and that their libido woke up in an extraordinary way.

This is because this active technique, in a very profound and liberating way, the main female sexual energy center, which can often be dormant and latent for a long time.

It is also possible, through yoni massage and a serious and therapeutic approach, resignify deep traumas and important bodily memories remnants in the female genital region, such as episodes of abuse or violence of all kinds.

The yoni massage is indicated for:

1-Women who want to know each other better and unlock their real potential sexual and orgasmic.

2-Women who suffer from lack of orgasm.

3-Women who suffer from low libido or lack of sexual desire.

4-Women who have suffered traumas related to sexuality such as abuse, painful sexual experiences, traumatic medical interventions in the vagina and many other memories that the body may have kept.

5-Men who want to improve their knowledge about the female sexual universe

6-Men who want to nurture their partners with love, affection, more intense, lasting, multiple and transcendental orgasms

7-Couples who want to improve their sex life, their intimacy and connection.

How to do a Yoni massage in 5 complete steps:

Step 1- The correct intention

For many men, yoni is seen only as an object of desire or a receptacle for the penis. For many women it is an ugly, weird, rejected, sin-bearing organ.

More for Tantra the yoni is a sacred temple.

And this should be the first and most important step to do a well done Yoni massage: Treat yoni like a divine temple, which must be touched with all the care, respect, care, sensitivity and love that a Goddess deserves.

All of this may seem silly, but there is a physiological explanation for that too.

And this I say from practical experience as a therapist. Because first of all, my focus on a tantric therapy session is on building trust.

Because the female orgasmic process usually only happens after the woman releases a very important hormone called oxytocin.

And this hormone is only released if the woman feels safe, if she trust who will touch you.

And in the love context "trusting" means she is not afraid of you being "one more", who does everything running and thinks only of himself and the release of his pleasure.

Trust that the experience will not just be "more of the same" or worse, that it will not be a traumatic experience.

Therefore, bringing that confidence to women can be the key point for them to open up and allow themselves to experience something so profound and special.

Step 2- Knowledge of female genital anatomy

To do a yoni massage you Need to know very well yoni's anatomy, zones, glands and erogenous points and the level of pleasure that each point offers.

So here we go:

1-External lips:

The outer lips are folds in the outer region of the vulva, which has the main function of protecting the clitoris, the entrance to the vagina and the urethra. Your massage can provide pleasure level 1 on a scale of 10 to 4.

2-Inner lips:


lips and glands
Inner lips and the Bartholin and Skene glands

The inner lips also have the function of protecting the innermost regions of the vagina and are the target of many ugly faces of their owners. They are called “ugly”, “too big”, “asymmetrical” and other obscenities.

So be careful when mentioning them and treat them with a lot of love and care.

Furthermore, it is on the inner lips that there are 4 “jewels” ou glands very important for female pleasure.

They are a pair of Bartholin's glands (responsible for female lubrication), located on the inner lower wall of the labia minora.

And a couple of  Skene's glands, responsible for stimulating female ejaculation (yes, it exists).

Below is an illustrative drawing of the vulva representing these 4 glands.

Provides on a scale of 1 to 10 of pleasure, level 7.


Yoni Clitoris Anatomy

The woman's best friend. The clitoris is like a large iceberg with nerve endings responsible for female pleasure and that leaves only the tip out, the famous "clitoral pearl" or "clitoral glans".

The number of nerve endings in the clitoral pearl is practically double the nerve endings in the male penile glans, in addition to presenting a much smaller contact surface. In other words, it is a much more sensitive region than the peninsular glans.

E much of Yoni Massage is done in a correct manipulation of the clitoris.

Because during the yoni massage there is also a clitoral massage very well done and conscious. That is why the anatomical knowledge of this organ is so important.

So don't come with that “screw-tight hand” when touching a clitoral pearl. Be careful.

Always vary the pressure and speed of touch and always watch the woman's reactions to reach a stimulus that is pleasurable and pleasant for her.

This part of clitoral massage can provide on a scale of 1 to 10, levels of pleasure that can vary from -20 to 1000.


4-Point G:

Yoni Point G Anatomy
Yoni Massage - G-spot and clitoris

Also known as the Gräfenberg gland in the scientific world in reference to the German gynecologist who made the first records on the G-spot.

Anatomically, zone G, considering that it is more similar to a region with an area similar to a coin of 5 cents than a point, it is located on the “roof” of the vagina, approximately 3 centimeters from the entrance.

So it’s the only part of that genital massage that’s done inside the vagina. 

Provides on a ladder of 1 to 10, levels of pleasure that between 8 and 10, but when stimulated in the correct way and in tune with the clitoral stimulation can lead the woman to intergalactic orgasms.

Step 3 - Preparing the environment

sala_ Massagem_tantrica_yoni

1-Create a calm, welcoming environment with low light (enough to be able to see her clitoris at the time H)
2-Create a special playlist, which lasts, at least 30min, a grape seed vegetable oil or a lubricating gel (without saving)

If you want you can use our 3 hour music list for tantric practice.

Step 4 - Strategic Preliminaries


Remember up there that I said about a hormone called oxytocin and its importance in the female orgasm process?

You may even be able to get a good massage without stopping by, but I guarantee you, your chances of getting an excellent massage increase around 80% if you invest in this step.

The woman's body has a certain time to start releasing the hormones needed for orgasmic experience. Especially if you notice that she is not overexcited.

It is very important that her body is prepared for the touch. Try to explore her entire body before touching the vagina. There are interesting tantric techniques for that moment. You can meet them on our free online tantra workshop for couples.

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All of this creates an environment of trust, connection and intimacy for her to put aside any fear or fear of surrender and trust that you are no longer a selfish hurried.

And if you made it this far, congratulations are in order!

Because now we go to the technical part of female genital massage.

Step 5 - The yoni massage itself


With her naked and lying on her back, she smears her hands with oil and massages the thighs, groins and large lips with a lot of presence, softness and firmness.

Massage on the genital lips

With great care and affection start the massage in the region of the outer lips. Stay there for about 2 minutes and then go to the inner lips.

At that moment, ensure the massage of the entire inner area of ​​the small lips, but please do not insert your finger into her vagina.

Clitoral massage

Now is the time to go for clitoral massage. Massage the clitoris very carefully and observe the facial expressions and the reactions and spasms of her abdomen. Spasms in the abdomen are a great sign. Stay here for 499 minutes. lol… kidding.

But take good care of the clitoris, as it is the main source of pleasure for the female body. Observe the woman's level of arousal, vary the pressure of the touch, the speed ... observe the reactions of her face and repeat what works best and feel that you are giving more pleasure.

Remember that the direct touch on the clitoral pearl can be uncomfortable, especially if the woman is not yet aroused enough. So start from the outside in, massaging the clitoral nerve without directly touching the pearl.

Testing the G-spot

If and ONLY IF she has spasms all over her body and you notice that the first ring of the vagina is "blinking" or "nibbling", you touch your fingertip to the entrance of the vagina. If her vagina sucks your finger you can move on to the next step, which I will explain below. But pay attention: only if her vagina is ASKING for it. Otherwise, do not perform this maneuver.

G-spot massage

Insert your index finger just 3 centimeters. While continuing to massage the clitoris, make movements with the index finger on the roof of the vagina. This is one of the ways to massage the G-spot.
Always watch her reactions. Always keep doing what is working.

It is! I wish you beautiful moments of love, connection, care, delivery and many, many orgasms!

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