Therapist Thalita Menezes

Aquarius of spirit and free body, I love to move and connect with myself and other people. I like to encourage women to feel free and love each other bodily. I live with my children Davi and Pérola and my kittens Ágata, Jade and Lilah.

Every day I wake up early and dedicate my life to meditation. I silence, I thank, I read and I exercise dancing or doing Yoga. Throughout the day, I work with my creations in dance, sewing, maternity and home care. I love to travel, see new places and enjoy nature! I love to keep moving with a lot of love, joy and creativity.

Not least, I am also graduated in Dance (Licenciatura) with Complementary Training in Physical Education. Ballerina, Choreographer, Researcher, Teacher of Belly Dance, Belly Dance for children, Tribal Fusion, Contemporary Belly Dance, ATS and Zumba Fitness instructor. From contemporary Arab dances, I develop dance practices in connection with women and the Sacred Feminine.

Finally, Tantric Therapist by TantraYogaLab and in training by Mestre Ananda Prem.
At the service of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance, bringing a healing and transforming healthy contact with your own essence and with the expression of vital energy in your daily life.

Instragram: @thalitamenezesdancer


Attendance at:
Pampulha - BH / MG

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+55 31 9 86008482