Murilo Mak - Curitiba, PR

Massage therapist since 2012, Murilo works with Tantra applied to Integral Health which is a therapeutic approach that seeks to treat the body, mind and spirit together. In addition to training in Tantric Therapy, Murilo has other training in the areas of Systemic Constellation, German Reilkunde, Reiki, Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis and Systemic EFT.


Deepak Rafik - Campo Grande, MS

Indian Massage Therapist, Shiatsu, Do-in and Tantric, Systemic, Family and Couples Therapist, Bioenergetic and Phytoenergetic Therapist, Holistic Therapist (Osho Zen Tarot, Numerological Map), Access Body Processes, Body Analyst and Family Constellation.

Leandro Brito - Belo Horizonte, MG

Leandro is a Body and Energy Therapist, Life Coach and Relationship Coach (Master Positive Coach).

He has experienced Tantra since 2017, taking courses at the Tantra Yoga Lab and philosophical studies with Mestre Ananda Prem.

Certified in Therapeutic Care with Holistic Massage (ATMAH) is also Reikian, integrating several energetic techniques during your care.

It serves the female and male audience, seeking to assist interactants in their self-knowledge processes, respect for the body, and in the construction of a healthy sexuality promoting orgasmic potential.

The sessions are prepared based on a previous conversation to better conduct and shape your service.

- Female service;
- Male Service;
- Service to Couples;
- Experiences (Individuals, Couples and Groups);

Get in touch to answer your questions and schedule your session.

Rodrigo Satyaboddhi - São Paulo and Cabreúva, SP

It adopts the Systemic Vision of Tantra in its attendance, combining the teachings of tantric psychology, the most modern knowledge of neuroscience and contemporary techniques of holistic therapies.

Does Rebirthing, Tantric therapy and all types of Tantric massage for men and women of all sexual options. Instructor of Tantric Massage Courses, facilitates personal development groups, having extensive experience in conducting meditation laboratories and tantric experiences.

Tantric Yoga practitioner since 2008, teaches this ancient philosophy since 2011.

Creator of the meditation group Tantra Movement, with weekly meetings in São Paulo and other cities in Brazil.

Tantric massage
Tantric Therapy
Rebirth Session
Tantric Massage Course
Course for Couples

Ivy - São Paulo, SP

Psychotherapist Post Graduated in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from CETCC

Post-Graduation in Therapy and Sex Education at CEPPS Institute 


She was a Yoga teacher for 15 years. He uses many techniques in his service.

Tantric therapist for over 11 years. Takes a private Tantra course for couples and single people.

Learn how to provide a new sensory experience, pleasure and different sensations to the person to whom you apply the massage. You will also learn to have more pleasure, increase the quality of orgasm and improve sexual difficulties in you and your partner.

Thalita Menezes - Belo Horizonte, MG

Tantric Therapist by TantraYogaLab and in training by Mestre Ananda Prem. 

At the service of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance, bringing a healing and transforming healthy contact with your own essence and with the expression of vital energy in your daily life.

graduated in Dance (Licenciatura) with Complementary Training in Physical Education. Ballerina, Choreographer, Researcher, Belly Dance Teacher, Belly Dance for children, Tribal Fusion, Contemporary Belly Dance, ATS and Zumba Fitness instructor. From contemporary Arab dances, I develop dance practices in connection with women and the Sacred Feminine.

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