Yoga Weight Loss?

Today, I have a super tip for those who want to lose a few extra pounds, lose belly and no longer suffer from constipation.

Do you suffer from constipation when you travel, or do you feel that your intestines don't work as well as you would like?

Would you like to lose belly or have a more defined abdomen?

Here at TYL, we teach several techniques to improve your health in general. We talked a lot about sexuality, but few know that our work goes further. That's because to have a healthy sexuality, you need to have a healthy body and mind. So stay tuned to our tips to improve your health in a simple and natural way!

This technique is called Nauli Kriyá. It is a technique of cleaning the mucous membranes, massaging the internal organs and also results in the reduction of the stomach, that is, we start to eat less.

Massaging the organs stimulates bowel function and improves constipation. With the decrease in stomach dilation, we started to eat less and lose weight. In addition, the result of the suction of the belly that we do during exercise helps to define the muscles.

The ideal is to do the technique on an empty stomach in the morning, as soon as you wake up. This has been done by the Yogis for millennia. You can also drink warm water with a little salt before exercising. The water will help to clean the intestines and the salt makes the water not absorbed by the body, but eliminated.

Remember: The water and salt version is advanced! It takes experience and more advice. (Leave your comment if you want to know more)

The movements of the exercise alone will make a big difference.

Let's practice it step-by-step:

1- Stand up, hands on your thighs, placing the weight on your arms and keeping your back semi-flexed forward;

2- First suck the belly, inwards and upwards, keeping it for as long as you can be out of breath.

3- Then sucking and then releasing the belly several times for as long as it is possible to run out of air.

4- Then the Nauli Kriya training actually begins, isolating the rectus abdominis and then learning to make the wave movement.

Tip: to be able to isolate the abdominal muscles, suction the belly as in step 2, cover your nose and do as if you were going to breathe. You will feel the musculature isolating itself.

Tip 2: to make the movement wave, slightly move your hips from side to side, supporting the weight of your torso, sometimes in your left hand, sometimes in your right hand.

The exercise is very easy and I teach you how to do it in this video below.

Common sense should be used as to the duration of the exercise. I recommend that you start with up to 50 movements, with a target of 108 (stopping to breathe whenever necessary).

Hope you like it!




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