What is Tantric Yoga

Our method of practicing Yoga assumes that the original Yoga was Tantric. This means that 5000 years ago, these techniques were already used to obtain physical, mental and spiritual health. Positions are made naturally and spontaneously. The body naturally adapts to the positions and finds pleasure in them.

So, the same goes for the breaths performed, the mantras or sounds, and so on. The 5 elements or the 5 energies of the body are worked on: Air, earth, water, fire and ether. But each class is unique and the only discipline required is not to force yourself into anything, just let the body flow, bring more awareness to the body, more health and well-being.

The balance between male and female

Based almost entirely on the cult of Shiva and Shakti, manifested through the union of Shiva (the active, masculine force of Shiva) and Shakti (the passive, feminine force of his wife, also known as Kali, Durga, Parvati and others) . This means the feminine and masculine energy that everyone has within them, but which in many is unbalanced, which causes neuroses of all kinds, which do not allow us to access our true essence, which is behind this union between Shiva and Shakti , sun and moon, female and male.

Kundalini: Our vital energy

Tantric Yoga is centered on the development and awakening of kundaliní, the “serpent” of fiery energy, of biological nature and sexual manifestation, located at the base of the spine that ascends through the chakras until reaching samadhi. One of these ways is to obtain the union between Shiva and Shakti, also known as Unyo Mystica.

Classes are a bodily development, so that this energy can manifest.

By practicing you gain much more energy, vitality, tones your muscles, improves your breathing capacity… There are endless benefits. This practice enhances and complements our other works and experiences.



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